Desolation Sound

Sea Kayak Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada! 

Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. is located on Okeover Inlet - The Gateway to Desolation Sound Marine Park.

Past experience has shown the number one paddling destination of our clients to be the majestic scenery of Desolation Sound. The sheltered waters of Desolation Sound, B.C.'s largest marine park, is an oasis regarded by many as not only the most beautiful and varied paddling area in B.C. but equal to, if not better than any other area in the world. This is not an idle boast. With a diverse range of scenery, warm summer climate and abundant wildlife, this area is a microcosm of all that is best about life on B.C.'s west coast. Fertile marine gardens flourish in these waters which can reach temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius (79F) in summer. The pristine quality of this world renowned park offers a home to a myriad of flora and fauna. The haunting laugh of the common loon and the bright flash of a kingfisher only begins the long list of birds which seek sanctuary in the more than 5,666 hectares (14,000 acres) of upland and 2,570 hectares (6,350 acres) of foreshore and water which comprise Desolation Sound Marine Park. Some of the most encountered birds include the bald eagle, Glaucous winged and Bonaparte gulls, plovers, ancient murrelets, crested grebes, great blue herons and the comedian of the coast - the black oyster catcher. It is not uncommon to sight a black bear rummaging along the shoreline but you must keep your eyes wide open to spot the sleek and very shy river otter searching for his dinner. The oh-so-curious seal is quite happy to share lunch with you while the fish he has abandoned searches for safety amidst the kelp beds below. As you journey into Desolation Sound you will be awe-struck by the clear waters, clean ocean air and majestic landscapes. The topography varies from the relatively low rolling hills of the Gifford Peninsula to the Unwin Range rising over 1,400 metres (4,500 feet) directly behind the islets of Prideaux Haven. Sky stabbing Dudley's Cone rising to 2,100 metres (7,000 feet) is easily the most distinctive summit on Canada's west coast. Come experience the lush wilderness that is our west coast and enjoy a kayaking vacation you will long remember!

This destination is a Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. tour destination!

Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. provides four great options for experiencing Desolation Sound Marine Park:

  1. Rent a kayak from our site on Okeover Inlet - "just around the corner from Desolation Sound Marine Park." Or rent from our Lund location to experience another way of accessing Desolation Sound.
  2. Take a 6 hour or 8 hour guided day tour into the marine park.
  3. Join one of 2 to 10 day all-inclusive guided tours of Desolation Sound Marine Park and experience Desolation Sound - and beyond - in it's entirety!
  4. Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort. A wildly wonderful way to experience Desolation Sound in comfort. All-inclusive packages available for those seeking guided or unguided kayaking - or for those not looking to kayak and who simply want to experience the uniqueness of this handcrafted eco-resort in the heart of Desolation Sound, British Columbia. 

Sea Kayak Okeover Inlet, Malaspina Inlet, Lancelot Inlet and Theodosia Inlet

Offering spectacular kayaking, Okeover Inlet, Malaspina Inlet, Lancelot Inlet and Theodosia Inlet are all part of Desolation Sound Marine Park. Each inlet offers sheltered paddling, spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife for day and multi-day trips. Few amenities are available in this area, however, local B&B's and the luxurious Desolation Resort offer cozy accommodation in designer chalets. The proprietors of these comfortable accommodations will welcome you with warm hospitality and a soft bed. Also, don't miss out on a scrumptious dinner or lunch at the Laughing Oyster restaurant. The Laughing Oyster has established itself as one of the best places to dine on the entire coast and is a worthy part of any memorable trip. Okeover Inlet is is also the location of Powell River Sea Kayak's Desolation launch site. For information on vacation package that include Powell River Sea Kayak, Desolation Resort and the Laughing Oyster Restaurant, follow this link.

Okeover Inlet

Okeover Inlet offers one of the best launching locations for Desolation Sound. It's sheltered position provides for protection from prevailing winds and as you paddle through Okeover be sure to glimpse into the waters below, you may find them filled with the ethereal jellyfish, gently pulsing and swaying with the currents. Okeover (pronounced "oak-over") is also the location for Powell River Sea Kayak's launch site. Located at the terminus of the road this prime location offers safe parking as well as excellent access to the inlets and Desolation Sound. Please contact us for more information on launching and parking.

Lancelot Inlet

Lancelot Inlet heads off to the Northeast from Okeover Inlet. After enjoying the sheltered waters of Isabel Bay, a 3 mile paddle will lead you to Wootton Bay at the top end of Lancelot Inlet. The close proximity to Desolation Sound will beckon you across the small isthmus connecting Gifford Peninsula to the mainland. STOP. Unfortunately, this excellent portage into Portage Cove is private property. Not to fear, turning an about face and heading into the hidden beauty of Theodosia Inlet is a brilliant idea.

Theodosia Inlet

Theodosia Inlet is a hidden gem that has recently been in the British Columbia spotlight. The Theodosia River at the head of the inlet has been under scrutiny by conservationists, First Nations and others who are in support of a plan to dismantle the Theodosia Dam and restore a salmon fishery worth millions. It has been said that perhaps no other river in British Columbia offers such an incredible opportunity to restore damaged habitat and rebuild fish stocks. Historically, the Theodosia River produced annual salmon returns of up to 100,000 pinks, 50,000 chum, and 10,000 coho along with substantial numbers of chinook and steelhead. As you paddle through the narrow channel into Theodosia Inlet, the valley opens up into a vista of subdued but verdant green from the extensive grassy estuary mouth contrasting with the purple-white of distant mountains. Theodosia Inlet is like a lagoon in that the narrow, shallow entrance allows for little saltwater to flow in but permits easy egress for the surface fresh water outflow from the Theodosia River. Theodosia is an amazing place of beauty and one can only imagine the positive effects of removing the dam on the Theodosia River. For more information, please see the Theodosia River Dam Project website.

Malaspina Inlet

Malaspina Inlet heads off in a northerly direction from Okeover Inlet and provides the final meandering access into Desolation Sound. Dotted with little islands, coves and bays, this wonderful inlet offers some very interesting exploration in itself. As mentioned, the currents in this entire region are very slow moving. However, it is in Malaspina Inlet that the currents will pick up a bit. Not to be alarmed though as the top speed is only around 2-3 knots. If paddling against the flow, one can easily avoid the moving water by simply paddling along the shoreline. Besides, it's along the shoreline where one has a better chance of spotting the shy Mink and River Otters. It is this moving water that brings into Malaspina many nutrients, creating very active marine gardens displaying such things as Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchins, Red Rock Crabs, Spider Crabs, Starfish and much more. Malaspina can provide not only excellent access into Desolation Sound, but is also great for overnight trips and day trips. One may even decide to paddle to Cochrane Bay where a spur of the 180 km long Sunshine Coast Trail dips down to the ocean. From there a beautiful hike through Old Growth Rainforest will bring one to the hidden location of Wednesday Lake - an excellent way to spend a sunny day on BC's West Coast.

This destination is a Powell River Sea Kayak tour destination!