Sea Kayak Lessons with Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd.

"I don't need a lesson, anyone can paddle a kayak..."

As a sea kayak company renting kayaks, we've heard this too many times for comfort! As an experienced sea kayak company running guided trips, we know that there is much more to sea kayaking than should be assumed from inexperienced wannabe sea kayakers.

sea kayak lessons powell river desolation soundKeep it safe!

  • What will happen if you capsize?
  • What can you do to avoid a capsize?
  • Have you considered the affects of cold water immersion?
  • How about ocean currents?
  • Is seamanship a word you truly understand?
  • What should be considered when paddling in a larger group?

Make it fun!

  • Knowledge dispels fear
  • Great gear can enhance a trip - but what is great gear?
  • How do you use currents in your favor?
  • How do you determine a great paddling route?

Skill and Efficiency

Perhaps anyone can paddle a kayak....but -

  • How do you paddle a kayak efficiently?
  • How do you use less energy at a greater speed?
  • Can you move sideways - quickly?
  • Can you lean on the edge of your kayak?
  • Why would you want to edge your kayak?
  • Do you know paddle strokes that eliminate the need for a rudder?
  • How about rolling your kayak? It takes practice but what a wonderful self-rescue!


  • Learn proper ways to paddle your kayak.
  • Understand the power of the ocean and the limitations of the craft and yourself.
  • Discover how to make sea kayaking safe and fun.

Powell River Sea Kayak's instructors are experienced and certified with the Canadian Recreational Canoe and Kayak Association (CRCA).

All lessons take place at Powell River Sea Kayak's private site on Okeover Inlet.


  • Receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental with any kayak lesson!

Lesson Programs

Complete Introduction

8 Hours - $139 per person

This course starts at the beginning and sets a proper foundation for understanding sea kayaks, techniques and equipment.


  • kayak design and outfit
  • safety gear
  • paddle design
  • efficient paddle strokes
  • stability and edging
  • launch and land techniques
  • strengthening exercises
  • wet-exit
  • self-rescue
  • assisted rescue
  • hazards
  • plenty of on-water time to practice!

Bonus: receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental!

Basic Introduction

4 Hours - $79 per person

With less time for details, the focus will be on learning how to keep sea kayaking safe and enjoyable.


  • kayak design
  • safety gear
  • efficient paddle strokes
  • stability
  • launch and land techniques
  • wet-exit
  • assisted rescue

Bonus: receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental!

Intermediate Skills

5 Hours - $89 per person

For those who have had introductory lessons and are looking to improve upon the basics, this is an invaluable 5 hours!


  • a variety of self-rescue and assisted rescue techniques
  • towing
  • bracing
  • technical paddle strokes for support and maneuvering.

Bonus: receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental!

Combo Tour & Lesson

8 Hours - $139 per person

Learn as you tour into Desolation Sound Marine Park!

This full day of learning and sea kayaking includes topics covered in the Complete Introduction (below) along with hands-on learning while you explore.

Bonus: receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental!

Kids Kayak Lessons

(8-12 years)
Learning to kayak is fun! - 3 Hours - $69 per child

We want kids to get hooked-on-kayaking. Kids will learn to paddle and control their own kayak in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Bonus: receive a free 0-3 hour kayak rental!

Stand-up Paddle Board Lessons

Ask us !

Please call our Okeover office for information on Dates and Times at 604 483-2160.