Multi-Day Tour Information

Multi-day Tour Information

On this page you will find the following:

  1. Tour Dates
  2. How to Reserve a Tour
  3. Cancellation Policy

Tour Dates

This is very simple: You Set The Dates!

Minimum numbers may apply.

First come first serve. Our schedule becomes set as we get into our main season. Once our schedule is set, guests can join already scheduled tours.

Please call us toll free at: 1-866-617-4444 or email us for dates.

How to Reserve a Tour

  1. Contact our office via phone or email
  2. Book into an already scheduled tour (ask our office staff for dates and tour type)
  3. Book a custom date
    • a minimum number of people may apply
    • the date must fit into our schedule (eg: if a tour is already booked for a specific date, we may not book another tour).
  4. A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your booking (Visa, Mastercard or by mailing a cheque or money order). Please note our cancellation policy below.
  5. At the time of booking, our office staff will direct you to an area on this website where you can download the appropriate paperwork for your tour. Included with this paperwork will be an equipment list, a list of pre and post tour accommodations, when and where to meet as well as miscellaneous things such as a diagram showing some basic excercises to help tune up your kayaking muscles.

Multi-day Tour Cancellation Policy

It is our hope that all our guests understand our need for this policy. We are not trying to be greedy by simply keeping your money. Operating a seasonal business in a remote area means we have to maximize our limited season. When you book a tour, we are committed to this. We commit our kayaks, our guides, food costs and preparation and office administration. Often we are having to turn potential guests away because we are booked up. Please honour your booking and this cancellation policy.

We advise participants to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance in the event you encounter the need to cancel at a late date.

The following states our cancellation policy:

More than 30 days: Full deposit refunded less a $20 handling fee per person.

Less than 30 days: Deposit will be retained.

Powell River Sea Kayak will make every attempt to fill the cancelled spot, at which time the deposit will be fully refunded less $45 handling fee.

Powell River Sea Kayak reserves the right to cancel any tours due to lack of registrants or any other circumstances. Registrants will be notified of cancellations as quickly as possible and will receive a full refund of any monies paid.

What about the weather?

Our guides have lead trips in all conditions and know how to turn a rainy day into a wonderful experience on the water. Where clients do not have suitable gear, Powell River Sea Kayak is glad to provide wet-suits and paddling jackets to ensure a safe, comfortable tour. Our cancellation policy is still in effect during rainy days.