COVID-19 Information & Policy

At this time our very generous regular cancellation policy is in effect for all our trips.

For prospective guests considering reserving trips for 2023: 

  • Please do not book a tour or package with PRSK if you are concerned COVID may affect your plans.
  • Please do not book before first reading and understanding our cancellation policy, which is in effect even if COVID is still impacting travel by your trip date.
  • Please do not book if you expect a refund if COVID affects your travel plans (or consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance).
  • Our regular cancellation policy applies for all instances, including if you are required to cancel because you catch COVID immediately prior to your trip.
  • We encourage all our guests at this time to be fully vaccinated before booking 2023 tours and packages. Although proof of vaccination is not at this point required to book a 2023 tour, if this requirement is in effect by the provincial or federal government at the time of a trip and a guest does not meet these requirements, their participation in the trip will be cancelled and all monies forfeited. In such cases we will make every attempt to fill the spots at which time a full refund will be provided minus the processing fee.
  • If you book a trip and can’t get here due to vaccination status and restrictions on travel, our regular cancellation policy applies.

If COVID-19 is still a major concern in Canada by the start of the 2023 season:

  • As with the last 3 seasons, we will be in full operation and utilizing the experience we received through our very successful and safe 2020, 2021 & 2022 seasons.
  • Further COVID-Safe operating details may be communicated prior to commencing our 2023 season, if applicable.

For U.S. & overseas guests:

  • For these guests, our regular cancellation policy will apply, with the following understanding:
    • The guest(s) assume 100% of the risk concerning entry requirements into Canada relating to COVID or otherwise.
    • If you are booking from outside of Canada and need to cancel for any reason, whether it is related to COVID, government restrictions, travel restrictions or anything else, our full cancellation policy will be in effect and any monies paid are non-refundable.
    • Whatever the requirements may be at the time of entering Canada, it is the responsibility of the guest(s) to ensure that they meet these requirements, and if they are unable to enter Canada – for any reason – our regular cancellation policy will apply. This includes potentially failing a COVID test before entry.
    • As always, we strongly recommend looking into cancellation insurance prior to making a booking.

For anyone travelling by air, including from within Canada:

  • Once a trip has been booked for 2023, our cancellation policy is in effect if airlines cancel a guest’s flight due to COVID or any other reason.

Rental COVID-19 Policy

  • Our regular cancellation policy is in effect for all kayak rentals.