COVID-19 Information & Policy

Updated January 20th, 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose challenges to tourism-related businesses across the globe. While we understand that it can be difficult to plan vacations in such times of uncertainty, and we all sincerely hope that the situation is resolved as soon as possible, please understand that at this time our very generous regular cancellation policy is in effect for 2021 trips.

For prospective guests considering reserving trips for 2021: 

  • Please do not book a tour or package with PRSK if you are concerned COVID may affect your plans.
  • Please do not book before first reading and understanding our cancellation policy, which is in effect even if COVID is still impacting travel by your trip date.
  • Please do not book if you expect a refund if COVID affects your travel plans (or consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance).

If COVID-19 is still a major concern in Canada by the start of the 2021 season:

  • As with 2020, we will be in full operation and following our COVID Safety Plan, and utilizing the experience we received through a very successful and safe 2020 season.
  • Further COVID-Safe operating details will be communicated prior to commencing our 2021 season.

Addendum For Trips Booked From January 20th, 2021

  • If you need to cancel within a 60 day period from the start of the tour due to a government imposed ban on travel within Canada (for example, the government has imposed a complete travel ban, interprovincial air travel is suspended due to COVID by the government, the provincial government has suspended all regularly scheduled ferry sailings due to COVID), we will extend our regular 60-day cancellation policy (for cancellations with full refund minus admin fee) to all bookings.
    • This policy does not apply for travel recommendations or personal concerns about COVID, only official government bans on travel.
    • The travel ban must apply for the dates of the tour (or part thereof). For example, a travel ban in late June that ends well before a tour in early August is not covered by this policy addendum.

For U.S. guests:

  • We will not be taking bookings from visitors south of the border until the border has re-opened and we feel travel between Canada and the U.S. will not be affected.
  • When bookings are opened for our U.S. neighbours, our cancellation policy will be in effect, regardless of any potential changes with COVID and its affects on travel.

For Overseas guests: 

  • As with U.S. guests, we will not be taking bookings from overseas visitors until travel into Canada is not restricted by COVID-19 and subsequent federal policies, including the current 14 day quarantine period, have been lifted.

For anyone travelling by air, including from within Canada:

  • Once a trip has been booked for 2021, our cancellation policy is in effect if airlines cancel a guest’s flight due to COVID or any other reason.

Rental COVID-19 Policy

  • Our regular cancellation policy is in effect for all kayak rentals.