COVID-19 Information & Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Note: For our 2020 rental cancellation policy, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Updated June 17th, 2020

An important ‘COVID-note’ to anyone interested in booking an eco-resort package or camping tour with us this summer. 

First – and perhaps foremost – please do not book this season if you are at all unsure about how COVID may affect your experience. Please wait until 2021, when hopefully COVID is a distant memory! 

Second – please know we have been working extremely hard to create our COVID-Safe Plan and will be doing our best to not only provide a safe trip, but to also provide a wonderful experience. With that said, if you expect perfection with regards to how we are able to manage a camping tour or Cabana trip in the context of COVID, we would rather you waited for another year to book with us as well. This is not to say we will be operating in an unsafe way, but is to recognize everyone will have different levels of tolerance and expectations with regards to COVID and how businesses are managing the effects.

For our U.S. guests: 

Due to the on-going extensions to the border closures (latest is to July 21st), for the 2020 season we are only taking reservations from guests travelling within Canada – and predominantly within British Columbia. This will be in effect even if the border re-opens after July 21st. We look forward to welcoming our valued guests travelling from the US in 2021! 

For Canadian guests outside of BC: 

Although there is no ban on inter-provincial travel, we are following the advice of the BC Health Authority and recommending travellers from provinces outside of BC avoid non-essential travel to BC. Although provincial travellers from outside of BC may join one of our trips, we are limiting this to drive-in travellers only – unless flying within British Columbia (ie: from YVR to Powell River). 

Below are a few key points from our COVID-Safe Plan. These are broken into 2 groups: Camping Tours and Cabana Desolation Eco Resort. Please note, these are just a few key bullet points from our detailed plan. If you have any specific questions, we highly suggest you reach out to us (email is best – link here). We would much rather have guests either choose to not book a trip or to at least clearly understand how we are managing our trips in this challenging time. Our goal with this is to avoid guests who may have unrealistic expectations.   

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort sample COVID protocols: 

  • Enhanced cleaning measures and focus on consistent hand washing
  • Hand sanitizers easily and readily available at key locations
  • Regular disinfecting of common-area surfaces
  • Fabric-surfaces will be steam cleaned(yes, we have hand-held steam cleaners!) between each trip.
  • Using barriers and rearranging tables to manage distancing
  • Full cleaning and disinfecting of each cabana between trips

Kayak-camping tours sample COVID protocols: 

  • Physical distancing as much as possible (easy to do on the water!)
  • Setting up our camps to maintain distance between tents, as well as creating traffic flows through camp to reduce congestion
  • Creating hand washing stations and protocols throughout camp for guests and guides alike
  • Enhanced cleaning of gear (tents, thermarests, etc) between trips
  • Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces used for food preparation by guides before and during the tour, and ensuring food is stored away from personal and group gear (tents, thermarests, etc) at all times during the trip

Regarding masks and gloves: 

Our COVID Safe Plan does not mandate our staff wear masks and gloves while working. We have provided masks and gloves for all our staff should they choose to wear these according to the information provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control. 

Cancellation policy in effect for all 2020 reservations: 

Our regular cancellation policy is in effect when there are no travel bans in place.

Our COVID cancellation policy is in place when there are travel bans in place, and can be read below:

If your tour is within 30 days of the start date and you cannot participate due to government restrictions that do not allow guests to travel to our location, you can switch to another date or be issued a booking code for a future camping tour or Cabana package (must be used by end of 2021). How COVID-19 effects travel is unknown and rapidly changing. For this reason, we will continue to monitor government reports and update this policy as needed. Reservations made at a given time will have applied the current policy at that time, and notes will be made with their reservation to apply that particular policy in case this changes due to evolving circumstances. Not covered under this policy:

  • This unique and temporary cancellation policy is strictly limited to official travel bans and does not cover travel recommendations, personal beliefs, feelings, or concerns about traveling to and from Powell River.
  • This policy only covers the amount paid to Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. as per the customer’s invoice. Any non-refundable expenses occurred with third parties relating to the tour (for example, ferry reservations, non-refundable flights, etc) are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Once a tour or rental has commenced, cancellations or early returns will be subject to our regular cancellation policy.
  • Cancellations due to illness, whether COVID-19 or other (Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. cannot be held responsible for people’s individual choices that may have led to their illness).
  • General travel warnings (must be an official government restriction).
  • In addition to your trip with us, if you are travelling for other reasons (eg: events) and this is cancelled, a refund for our trip will not be provided if you choose to cancel with us as well.
  • All other considerations in our regular policy, such as inclement weather.

Again, if you are unsure of whether this is the right decision for you, we highly suggest holding off until we are through COVID. If you would like clarity with anything, please feel free to contact us (email  is best: email link here). 

Thank you and best wishes,

Adam Vallance

As of April 9th, our cancellation policy for kayak rentals for the 2020 season is thus:

  • Should you cancel or change your reservation or part thereof within seven (7) days of the start date of your reservation, PRSK will refund your credit card to an amount totalling 50% of the full price of the cancelled item.
  • Should you cancel your reservation or part thereof prior to seven (7) days before the start date of your reservation, PRSK will refund your credit card for the cancelled booking, less a $25 administration fee total.

If your rental is within this 7 day period and you cannot participate due to government restrictions, you can switch to another date or be issued a booking code for a future rental, camping tour or Cabana package (must be used by end of 2021).