COVID-19 Rental Checklist

Dear PRSK Rental Guests,

In these uncertain times – as always – Powell River Sea Kayak is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and guests. To ensure this we have created a COVID-19 Safe Plan in response to the current pandemic that covers all facets of our operations: rentals, tours, and eco-resort packages.

As you are renting your kayaks from us for your Desolation Sound adventure this year, please ensure that you carefully follow each point in this COVID-19 Rental Checklist to help us maintain this high level of safety during the duration of your vacation.

1. Please Help Us and Obey the Signage

We have signage on our property for our guests to help them follow our COVID-19 Safe Plan. Please respect these instructions and guidelines before and after you launch.

2. Pay Your Invoice in Full

Please pay your invoice in full in advance of arriving (follow the prompts in our separate email notifications).

3. Complete Your Waivers and Float Plans Online

Please ensure that every member of your party has filled in our waiver online well before arrival. Please also ensure all adults have filled in their individual float plan online before arrival as well.

4. Pay For Non-Renters Parking and Launch Fees

If you are travelling with others that are planning on launching their own personal kayaks from our location, please make sure you have paid for their launch fees and parking as part of your booking on their behalf. If you haven’t added this to your booking, please reply to this email with the number of people launching individual kayaks or wishing to park on our property so we can add it to your invoice before you make your payment.

5. Watch Our Safety Videos

If you or anyone in your group has not completed a formal lesson in capsize/re-entry, self- and assisted-rescues, please ensure you have watched and understood our launch-talk videos before you arrive to minimize the need for direct staff to renter interaction the launch site.

6. Bring Your Own Water & Sponges

Please ensure you bring all your own water with you to the launch site for your trip. We are no longer allowing rental guests to fill their water containers up at our site.

We also will not be able to provide sponges for our kayak rentals this season.

7. Buy or Print Your Map Online

Please print your own map and bring it with you to the launch site. We are unable to provide reusable maps or charts at this time. You can also purchase a laminated map from us to keep for a cost of $5 (there will be a deposit box at the launch site if you have not already purchased this during the booking process).

8. Purchase Your Backcountry Camping Permit Online

Please ensure you have purchased your camping permit online at the BC Parks website before arrival.

9. Pre-Pack Your Belongings and Gear 

Please be aware that we are attempting to minimize the traffic in and around our staging areas this season. We strongly urge that you arrive at our site with your belongings and gear already packed into dry bags to expedite the launch process. You will be asked to do any packing of dry bags required at your vehicles instead of at your kayaks.

10. We Cannot Take Garbage & Recycling

Please plan to take your garbage and recycling with you in your vehicle to dispose of elsewhere after your trip.

11. We Cannot Physically Help Launch & Land

While in the past we have always been happy to help individuals and groups where possible with their launching and landing, this season we are unable to be as ‘hands on’ as in the past. If you feel that you will struggle to carry gear and kayaks potentially large distances up and down the rocky shore and beach during the launch and land process, please do not book a kayak rental this season.

12. No 0-3 Hour Rentals

We are unfortunately unable to provide short-term 0-3 hour rentals for the 2020 season. the shortest rental time available is at full day rate.

13. Please be Patient and Kind

COVID-19 presents a multitude of challenges for all business operations throughout the world. We have developed our Safety Plans to keep our guests and staff safe and healthy, and are doing our best collectively and as individuals to this end. While the launch and land process at our site may be different this season, please bring a positive and understanding attitude when you arrive most of all!

Thank you all for doing your part to help us maintain the safety of our guests and staff during these times. We look forward to seeing you!