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Powell River Sea Kayak's Lund BC location is at the Historic Lund Hotel - a 30 minute drive north of Powell River and 5 hours north of Vancouver, at the top of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. This sometimes bustling, often quiet, little harbour is at the end of the road and is the perfect launch site for destinations such as Savary Island and the Copeland Islands Marine Park.

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable. Each day tour begins with a brief introduction to ensure a safe, enjoyable paddle. While paddling, our guides are there to provide more than safety and route knowledge. Each guide is also your personal interpreter - revealing the hidden treasures of this rich environment.

Paddling alone, you can see the colourful sea stars and the bald eagles sitting up in the highest branches, but there's nothing like the personal touch of a qualified guide to point out the difference between the abundant purple ochre stars and the predatory sunflower star, or to explain just why the sea cucumber you were happily passing around suddenly vomited its insides out onto the deck of your boat! 

Kayaking on a Day Tour in the Copeland Islands north of Lund BC


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Lund Day Tours

Shores of Lund - "Beyond the Harbour"

Duration: 3 Hours
Price: $85 CDN per person

Heading due south from the Lund harbour, the varied shoreline provides wonderful viewing of intertidal marine life clinging to the plunging rock faces. Large cracks and crevices in the fractured rock resemble caves on certain tides and beckon kayakers inside. Seals pop and and watch you glide by from the safety of the water, or warily from their perch on the sun baked rocks just above the surface. North of the harbour, the community of Finn Bay sits on the shore of a protected cove, before civilization is briefly left behind as you watch eagles perch in trees far above the water, scanning for their prey.

Just like our Shores of Okeover Tour, this short introductory tour of this beautiful area will no doubt whet your appetite for more!

Please note: Our 3 hour tours cannot be reserved online and are only booked within one week of the tour date. Please call us at 604-483-2160 for information.

Seals and other wildlife just outside Lund BC 


Copeland Islands Marine Park - "An Adventure Through the Ragged Islands"

Duration: 7 Hours
Price: $139 CDN per person (includes delicious shore lunch - think fresh, creative, tasteful & appealing).

While many of our guests are keen to explore Desolation Sound Marine Park out of Okeover Inlet, many overlook the awesome sights and opportunities that the Copeland Islands offers. Indeed, this day tour is often a favourite amongst our guides due to its meandering, island explorations and abundant wildlife including scores of bald eagles, seals galore, and great clumps of colourful sea stars at low tides! 

The Copeland Islands Marine Park, locally called "The Ragged Islands", provides a wonderful mix of meandering islands, beautiful mountain views and wonderful marine wildlife. The countless coves, bays, channels and varied shorelines beckon the sea kayaker around each corner. Watch massive clusters of Purple Sea Stars clinging to the vertical cliffs, or huge spiny red urchins grazing on the rocky shore. With varied paddling, protected coves and wonderful views towards the Strait of Georgia and the spine of Vancouver Island, the Ragged Islands are a classic sea kayaking day trip destination.

Our Copeland Islands day tour explores this archipelago at its own relaxed pace, cutting figure eights and looping between islands in search of marine life, or simply contentedly enjoying the clear, calm waters and expansive views in every direction. Choosing one of many protected bays, the tour comes ashore for more exploring and a wonderful, fresh shore side lunch, before returning to the water and making its way back to Lund via any number of circuitous routes. This tour is a true escape into an idyllic island wilderness.

A bald eagle sits silently in a dead tree and watches over the Copeland Island Marine Park north of Lund BC


Magical Mystery Reefs Tour - "A Unique Exploration of Savary's Southern Beaches & Reefs"

Duration: 7 Hours
Price: $139 CDN per person (includes delicious shore lunch - think fresh, creative, tasteful & appealing).

Savary Island is famous for its vast sandy beaches and clear waters warmed by the incoming tide.  A dry climate nurtures unique plants and animals and truly fascinating coastal dune ecology found nowhere else in British Columbia.

While Savary is a popular summer vacation destination, our kayaks can take us to places where the masses cannot! The southern beaches of Savary are fringed by hundreds of massive boulders left behind by ancient glaciers, providing a natural barrier for powerboats and a wonderful habitat for all kinds of wildlife both above and below the water. Harbour seals and bald eagles sun themselves on the boulders above, while sea stars and Dungeness crabs cling to the safety of the moraine and eel grass below.

Our Savary Island tour takes you away from the popular and easily accessible tourist beaches and into the remote and often unexplored reefs. Pulling up on a deserted sandy beach in the shadow of the snow-capped mountains of Vancouver Island is a surreal experience, and the fresh, tasteful and filling shore side lunch will make you feel like you really are on a tropical island in the heart of coastal British Columbia!

 Sandy Savary Island is a slice of the tropics just south of Lund BC, in the Strait of Georgia


Paddling Time and Considerations

These tours are designed to explore this diverse area in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and above all relaxing! Some of our guests are hesitant to commit to a longer tour, worried that 7 hours is a long time to spend sitting in a kayak. Believe us, we understand! Typically our full day tours spend a couple of hours on the water before and after a generous and tasty lunch, with plenty of time to relax and soak in the beauty of the environment both on land and on the water!

Our guides are not only there to make a trip safe and comfortable, but also enjoyable and interesting with their local knowledge, passion for the Desolation Sound area, and their creative and delicious culinary skills! Guests who join our 7hr tours often remark that the day's paddling was far less strenuous than they feared, and that they would never have been so immersed in the local culture, history, and natural environment if they had opted for the shorter duration.

Kayaking in British Columbia on a Desolation Sound Day Tour


What's Included?

  • High quality kayaks and equipment for your safety and comfort on the water.
  • Dry bags to store extra clothing or personal belongings while kayaking.
  • A wonderful shore-side lunch (Desolation Marine Park 7 hour tour only) creatively handmade from fresh, local ingredients.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable guides on hand to provide guidance, ensure safety, and comprehensive interpretation of the history, culture and wildlife of this fascinating area.

 Fresh food on a day tour near Desolation Sound


 The Desolation Sound Sea Kayak Company - est. 1995!


Rates and Policies

We are open seasonally from May to September.

Availability and Reservations

Prices in Canadian dollars. Click here for currency converter.

Tour Name

Copeland Islands Marine Park (7hr) $139
Savary Island Magical Mystery Reefs (7hr) $139
Shores of Lund (3hr) $85
  • Children 10 and under receive 50% off.
  • Groups of 8 or more receive 15% discount (all must be booked and paid under one credit card).
  • Minimum of 4 total participants per tour. 
  • Lunch is included for Copeland Islands and Savary tours only.
  • Tax (5% GST) and gratuities additional.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with our policies for day tours. Please click here for a complete rundown.  

We also offer day tours from our waterfront Okeover location! Click here for information.


Contact Us

Please contact us for reservations or for more information. 

Toll free in North America: 1-866-617-4444

Outside of North America: 604-483-2160