Powell Sea Kayak Ltd. is located on the beautiful Sunshine
Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Approximately 130 km's northwest of Vancouver lies the town of Powell River. Another 30km's north of Powell River is Okeover Inlet and Desolation Sound Marine Park. Powell River Sea Kayak is located on Okeover Inlet - the Gateway to Desolation Sound Marine Park.

Powell River Sea Kayak's location on Okeover Inlet is both convenient and historically interesting.

Why convenient?
Desolation Sound Marine Park is a world renowned kayaking destination. Powell River Sea Kayak is located just 3 km's from the actual marine park - as close as you can drive to this wonderful destination.

Powell River Sea Kayak's site on Okeover Inlet provides safe parking and a convenient staging area at the waters edge. Also located at the water is the kayak shop and office/store. Powell River Sea Kayak stocks many kayaking related items for those who many have forgotten those essential and not so essential items.

But that's not it! Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. has another shop located at the end of highway 101 in Lund, BC. The name of this shop is Rockfish Kayak (check out the cool logo!). Rockfish Kayak also stocks kayaking related items and there is pay parking through the Lund Hotel. This location is popular for those paddlers looking to experience the Copeland Islands Marine Park and the sandy beaches of Savary Island. Many paddlers also choose Lund as their staging area for Desolation Sound.

Hint: A popular loop for many kayakers is to start at our Okeover location and finish in Lund (or the opposite). We call this the "Malaspina Loop" as it loops around the Malaspina Peninsula.

Please note:
If renting kayaks from Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. or Rockfish Kayak, there is a $20 fee per kayak to transport kayaks back to their previous location. Powell River Sea Kayak does not transport personal kayaks. This service must be booked in advance, and is not available everyday. Due to insurance restrictions,this service does not allow for the transportation of people - kayaks only! For more information, please contact Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd.

Why Historically Interesting? Powell River Sea Kayak's site on Okeover Inlet was once home to the pioneering Crowther family. The Crowthers forged a road along Okeover Inlet in 1927 and built their log cabin home on Penrose Bay. Nancy Crowther, the daughter, was raised in this rugged environment. As her parents aged and eventually passed on, Nancy took over the property and forged out a fascinating and colourful pioneering lifestyle. This self-sustaining existence included raising goats and chickens. It was this livestock that attracted the many predators: wolves, bears and especially cougars! The cougars created the greatest problem. An adult cougar could wreak havoc: killing many or all of the livestock in a matter of a few days. For this reason, Nancy learned to shoot a gun at an early age. Over the years, Nancy had to kill many cougars before they killed her livestock. Eventually, friends of Nancy began calling her "The Cougar Queen of Okeover Inlet". By the time Nancy died in 1989, she was locally famous, known as The Cougar Lady. The Cougar Lady was said to have killed 22 cougars in her time.

Learn more about the Cougar Queen of Okeover Inlet.