• A kayaker sits and looks at the Coast Mountains on one of our multi-day kayak tours


Please read the following policies before booking your tour, package or rental with Powell River Sea Kayak

Multi-Day Camping Tours

Off-Peak Prices

  • Our off-peak rates for multi-day camping tours apply September 11-June 24 inclusive.
  • Peak rates apply June 25th-September 10th inclusive.

Group Discounts

  • Off-peak Group discounts require 4 people minimum in a group to receive discount.
  • Peak Group discounts require 8 people minimum in a group to receive discount.
  • To receive the group rate, all guests in the group must know each other – or of one other – prior to to the tour.

Child Discount

  • Applies to children 16 years and under, only during Peak periods.
  • If a family has the minimum number for group discounting, the children will receive the best price and the parents will receive the group price.

Private Tours

  • Private tours are available for groups of 8+ only and must be requested at time of booking and subject to availability.

Prices for Overlapping Peak & Off-Peak Dates

  • Tour dates that overlap peak and off-peak will be averaged on a per day basis (ie: Off-peak prices will apply to only those days that fall during Off-peak times).

Minimum Number of Guests Required

  • Minimum group size to run 4 & 5 day Desolation Sound Vacation tours is 6 (solo, double, triple welcome to join).
  • Minimum group size to run 5 & 7 day Expedition-style tours is 8 (groups less than this welcome to join).
  • Minimum group size to run a 3 day Desolation Sound Vacation tour is 8.
  • For all above tour durations:
    • If the tour fails to reach the minimum group size 7 days before the scheduled start date, your deposit will be refunded and the tour will be cancelled.
    • At any time before the tour reaches the minimum group size, you may ask for a full refund and forfeit your reserved space on the tour.
    • Furthermore, PRSK can at any time cancel any tour that hasn’t reached the minimum guest threshold for any reason and will completely refund the deposits of all guests.
    • Once the required number of people have booked for a particular tour, the tour is confirmed and our normal cancellation policy is in effect.
    • If looking to book into a tour with less than the required number of people, we will accept your deposit and notify you to confirm the tour will run once this minimum number has been reached.
    • Please note: reservations are considered temporary until the minimum requirement has been reached. If PRSK receives a large group enquiry for these dates or over similar but conflicting dates, we reserve the right to cancel the temporary booking and refund guests their deposit at any time before the temporary reservation has received final confirmation.
  • If the tour fails to reach the minimum numbers of participants, PRSK may still elect to run the tour and offer guests the opportunity to continue at the Peak Adult rate.

Conflicts Between Expedition-Style & Vacation-Style Tours

  • On dates that we offer expedition-style trips each year, we also offer our regular and popular vacation-style trips over the same dates, which can be booked simultaneously.
    • Whichever tour first attains the minimum numbers required will be the tour that runs over these dates.
    • If one tour reaches the minimum numbers required first, the other tour’s guests will be offered places on the confirmed tour in the order that they booked, as long as space remains (maximum 10 people per tour).
  • If both tours do not reach the required group size sixty (60) days before the start date, the expedition-style tour will be replaced by the vacation-style camping tour.
    • Guests previously booked into the expedition-style tour can either join the new tour or receive a full refund and be removed from the tour.
    • Any price differences between the tours will be taken into account when paying the final balance on arrival.
    • In the circumstances of a 7-day tour becoming a 5-day tour, the new tour will retain the start date of the previous tour.

Additional Costs

  • Powell River Sea Kayak tours are all-inclusive
  • The 5% GST tax is the only additional tax on kayak camping tour prices
  • Tour prices are per person
  • Discounts cannot be combined
  • Sleeping bags can be rented for $25 per bag/trip

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a trip is the last thing one thinks about when planning a vacation. However, circumstances can and do occur that result in an unplanned need to cancel. Although we have empathy for events that may result in needing to cancel, we operate during a very short season and with a very limited number of tours each year, and this policy is in effect under all circumstances.

When traveling, it is only prudent to ensure you are appropriately insured for all eventualities.  All our guests are prompted to look into trip cancellation insurance through a travel agent or your insurance provider. Another good way to ensure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is through your credit card company. Check whether your credit card has the option to include travel insurance for all cancellations if you use the card to pay for your trip.

If you need to cancel, please understand our cancellation policy belowThank you for your understanding.

The following states our cancellation policy. If you need to cancel:

  • More than 60 days before the start date of the tour — Full deposit returned less a $50 handling fee per person cancelled.
  • 60 days or less before the start date of the tour — Deposit will be retained.

We will naturally endeavour to find replacement guests to fill your position, but please understand that unless all spots are eventually filled a cancellation during such a short season has significant financial consequences on a local, family-run business. However, if all the spots on the tour are eventually filled after your cancellation, we will happily charge just the handling fee above.


In addition to cancellation insurance, be sure your personal insurance is adequate to cover expenses caused by accidents in remote locations.  Any costs arising from an unscheduled evacuation will be the responsibility of the client.

Weather and Environmental Considerations

Summer in coastal British Columbia is generally a time of relatively clear skies and light winds. However, it is important for our guests to understand that at any time of year Desolation Sound and its surrounding waterways can experience extended periods of rain, high winds that can make sea kayaking dangerous for multiple days at a time, and in recent years periods of smoke in the atmosphere that reduces visibility and air quality for undetermined periods of time.

Please note that Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. is not to be held responsible for any environmental factors that may cause a tour or portion thereof to be cancelled due to safety concerns, or any perceived reductions in quality of a tour due to rain, wind, smoke, fog, cold, heat, or any other environmental phenomenon during the tour.

Going into each season, we invest a great deal in preparing for our tours. In addition, our guides and staff commit their time with an expectation of making a reasonable wage upon completion of the season. Although we have never cancelled a tour in 25 years, there is still a risk (albeit minor) that this can occur. Anyone looking to book a trip is sharing in this risk with us as a company. We therefore strongly recommend guests consider trip cancellation insurance. Some credit cards even have this built into their plans.

Day Tours

Group Discount

  • Groups of 8 or more receive 15% discount (all members must know each other before tour).

Child Discount

  • Children 10 and under receive 25% discount.

Minimum Number of Guests for 7 Hour Tours

  • For full day tours, the minimum number of total guests needed to run a tour on a particular day is four (4).
    • If the tour fails to reach the minimum group size by 4 pm on the day before the scheduled start date, your deposit will be refunded and the tour will be cancelled.
    • At any time before the tour reaches the minimum group size, you may ask for a full refund and forfeit your reserved space on the tour.
    • Furthermore, PRSK can at any time cancel an unconfirmed tour for any reason and will completely refund the deposits of all guests.
    • Once the minimum group size has been reached, the tour is confirmed and our normal cancellation policy is in effect.
    • If looking to book into a tour with less than this number, we will accept your deposit and notify you when the tour reaches the minimum group size.

Minimum Number of Guests for 3 Hour Tours

  • For 3 hour tours, the minimum number of total guests needed to run a tour on a particular day is four (4).
  • Furthermore, PRSK’s ability to run a 3 hour tour is dependant on last minute guide availability and can only be booked within 48 hours of the trip date.

Tour Lunches

  • Lunch is provided on our Desolation Marine Park, Copeland Marine Park, and Savary Island day tours only.
  • Participants on all other day tours are required to bring their own lunch.
  • Drinking water will be provided on all day tours, please bring your own water bottle.

Weather Cancellation Policy

  • If the Marine Forecast for the area ‘Strait of Georgia – North of Nanaimo’ is calling for strong winds at 4pm the day before the tour and the guide(s) believe that running that particular tour in those conditions poses a risk to guest safety, the tour will be cancelled and the guests will be informed via phone or email as soon as possible.
  • If the guide(s) believe that the tour can go ahead without any undue increase in risk, the guests will not receive a call and the tour will run as planned.
  • The guide(s) may still decide to cancel the tour in the morning of the tour if any circumstances or conditions deteriorate overnight.
  • All guests in cancelled tours will receive a full refund.
  • Tours are not cancelled merely due to rain.

Kayak Rentals

Cancellation Policy & Weather Considerations

  • PRSK’s cancellation policy for kayak rentals:
    • Upon confirmation of your booking, you will be prompted to pay the amount owing in full on the emailed invoice.
    • Should you cancel or change your reservation or part thereof within seven (7) days of the start date of your reservation, PRSK will refund your credit card to an amount totalling 50% of the full price of the cancelled item.
    • Should you cancel your reservation or part thereof prior to seven (7) days before the start date of your reservation, PRSK will refund your credit card for the cancelled booking, less a $20 administration fee per kayak.
    • PRSK does not give credit for future rentals or tours due to cancellation.
  • What if we want to cancel due to weather?
    • There are no cancellations for rentals merely due to rain.
    • If the marine weather forecast is calling for winds of 25 knots or above for the day of the rental, guests may elect to cancel their days rental without charge.
    • This is based on the most up-to-date marine forecast issued by Environment Canada for the marine region ‘Strait of Georgia – North of Nanaimo’. In practice this means the forecast issued no earlier than 4pm on the day before the rental, or any forecast after that time.


  • Off Peak dates (September 15 – May 15) receive 15% off.
  • Groups of 8 or more receive 15% off. To receive the group discount:
    • Must be booked under one reservation
    • One payment only (ie: one person pays for the group – no individual payments).
  • Rentals of 10 days or more receive 15% off.
  • Please note discounts cannot be combined.


  • We provide high quality kayaks and equipment for our clients, and as such any damage that arises from rental will be charged an appropriate fee.
  • The most common kayak damage we encounter is the scraping damage of the ‘gel coat’ on the hulls of our fibreglass kayaks. This damage reduces the structural integrity of our kayaks and is commonly caused by dragging or dropping kayaks – or sitting in kayaks – on rocky beaches or coasts. Our staff will thoroughly direct you on the proper way to avoid this damage when entering, exiting, or moving the kayaks before you launch. With just a little care, gel coat damage is easily avoided!
  • Upon returning from your trip your kayaks will be inspected for damages. An automatic $20 charge for gel coat damage applies per kayak with gel coat damage.

Single Day Rentals in July & August

  • Many of our early rental reservations are for kayakers planning multi-day trips in Desolation Sound. Therefore, those who are wishing to book kayaks for a single day in July and August can only do so within 48 hours of the date of the rental. This rental must be made via phone at 604-483-2160, or you can simply drop-in on the day of the rental and see what we have available.
  • Please note: we do have a large fleet and it is very rare that we don’t have some type of kayak available for drop-in or last minute reservations. At any time you can check the availability of kayaks by following this link.

Large Group Rentals for a Single Day

  • Even if booking within the above 48 hours of the rental date, groups of 6 or more must contact our office before making a booking.

Personal Kayaks (Non-Renters)

  • Due to the limited parking available at our Okeover location and our increasingly busy seasons, we are unable to accommodate non-renters with personal kayaks launching from our private location.
    • The Okeover Government Wharf is located 5 minutes down the road from our location (just beyond the Laughing Oyster Restaurant on Malaspina Road) and is a great place to launch personal kayaks for accessing Desolation Sound, including paid parking.
  • For those with personal kayaks in a group that includes people renting kayaks from Powell River Sea Kayak:
    • A $5 site use and launch fee applies per person
    • A $7 per day vehicle fee applies for those who wish to park at our location
      • If you are launching with renters and you arrived in the same vehicle, only the launch fee applies
      • If you are launching with renters and came in your own vehicle, both launch and parking fees apply

Quoted Prices

  • As a policy, we do not provide official verbal quotes (over phone or in-person). For consistency and to avoid any miscommunication, official quotes are only provided by management via email correspondence.
  • Official quotes are only provided for unusual circumstances (such as larger groups, longer rentals, discounts, etc).


Instructor Availability

  • Instructor availability is dependant on our multi-day and day tour programs running in the same periods, which take precedence over our ability to run lessons.​ For this reason, instructor availability is often not known until shortly before the date requested.​
  • Therefore, lessons cannot be booked earlier than 7 days in advance of the requested date, and can only be booked with the permission of PRSK. Some exceptions may apply for group lessons of 4+. Please contact us in these circumstances.

Gift Certificates

Expiry Date

  • Gift certificates purchased for others through our website or over the phone have no expiry date, and can be redeemed any time after the issuance date.
  • All donated gift certificates will have an expiry date as stated on the certificate.

Cash Value

  • The cash value of the gift certificate purchased represents the cost of the product at the time of purchase.
  • If the product purchased increases in price after the certificate has been purchased, but before the certificate is redeemed, the recipient will need to pay the balance of the price owing at the time of booking.
  • If the recipient wishes to redeem the certificate for a product other than the product gifted, this is permissible.
    • For example, if the certificate is for a multi-day tour, but the recipient wishes to use it for a multi-day rental, this is fine. The promotional code on the certificate can be used for any product, including retail products.
  • Certificates can be used more than once, as long as there is still money left associated with the promotional code.
    • For example, a $250 rental certificate can be used for multiple rentals up to a total of $250.
  • Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.