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Okeover Day Tours

Explore the protected waters of Desolation Sound Marine Park

Join a sea kayak day tour in beautiful, protected Okeover Inlet & learn more about this fascinating part of coastal British Columbia

Our historic Okeover Inlet location is 30 kilometres north of Powell River on the doorstep of Desolation Sound and is the launch site for our classic Okeover kayak tours into Desolation Sound Marine Park, one of the premier kayaking destinations on the British Columbia coast.

Okeover Inlet is home to a vast array of intertidal marine life. Its warm, nutrient rich waters feed colourful sea stars, spiny red sea urchins, sea cucumbers, clusters of anemones and kelp crabs, just to name just a few.

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable, and are there to provide more than safety and route knowledge. Each guide is also your personal interpreter - revealing the hidden treasures of this rich environment.

Desolation Marine Park Tour

Experience a wonderful mix of beautiful scenery and marine wildlife as you explore the sheltered bays, coves and islets of Desolation Sound Marine Park. Learn about the intriguing history of this area as bald eagles keep vigil in the tree tops above. And to top it all off, your experience is enhanced by a fresh, healthy and creative shore-side lunch. Join us on what will undoubtedly be a wonderful day of sea kayaking and exploring!

Duration: 7 Hours // Cost: $139

A man paddles past the guide on one of our Okeover kayak tours
Red sea urchins in the intertidal zone seen on one of our Okeover kayak tours

Combo Snorkel & Kayak Tour

The sea kayaking is great! The snorkeling is incredible! Why not combine them?!  First, enjoy a leisurely paddle and soak up the beautiful scenery and interesting wildlife as your guide leads you to the key site for snorkeling. At this island-site, you will don your full 5mm wetsuit and snorkeling paraphernalia for an underwater adventure, where giant sea stars, spiny urchins, colourful anemones and much more are waiting to be found amongst the forests of kelp and along the rocky underwater shore.

Please note: guests are to provide their own lunch on this tour.

Duration: 7 Hours // Cost: $159

Shores of Okeover Tour

This brief tour is a great way to experience the beauty of Okeover Inlet. Discover the unique wildlife and natural beauty of this area while learning about the remarkable local history.

Please note: Our 3 hour tours cannot be reserved online and are only booked within one week of the tour date. Please call us at 604-483-2160 for information.

Duration: 3 Hours // Cost: $85

One of our Shores of Okeover kayak tours paddling in Okeover Inlet

Why We Recommend our 7 Hour Tours

Some of our guests are hesitant to commit to a longer tour, worried that 7 hours is a long time to spend sitting in a kayak. Believe us, we understand! For this reason, we have designed our 7 hour tours to combine a nice blend of kayaking with generous time to enjoy good food and a stretch to re-energize before getting back in the kayak and paddling home.

In addition, our 7 hour tours allow our guests to paddle deeper into the marine park and immerse more fully in the experience. Guests who join our 7 hour Okeover kayak tours often remark that the day's paddling was far less strenuous than they feared, and that they would never have gained as much knowledge of the local culture, history, and natural environment if they had opted for the shorter duration.

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