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Big mountains and a kayaker in Toba Inlet

Beyond the familiar shores of Desolation Sound lies a world of untamed wilderness and awe-inspiring landscapes — the heart of our 7-day expedition tours into Toba Inlet.  Join us as we take a closer look at these remote destinations: the logistical considerations, the challenges and difficulties, and the natural wonders that define this epic adventure […]

unpacking gear with sunset

In Desolation Sound – where the rugged coastline meets warm, protected pacific waters – our sea kayak vacation tours are designed to create the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.  We understand the importance of finding balance in your vacation – the excitement of exploration coupled with moments of tranquillity. Here’s how our vacation tours […]

Toba Inlet waterfall

We are excited to present a Brand New Expedition Tour for 2022: an Epic One-Way Exploration of Magnificent Toba Inlet! Over the years we have been slowly expanding our expedition tours beyond Desolation Sound, and each season the demand for these more adventurous and remote trips eclipses that of the year past. Our 5- and […]

view of blue water and cabins from above

As the world heals from the global events of the last year, people everywhere are searching for not only an inspiring and relaxing vacation from their stressful lives, but also for a closer connection to the beauty and wonder of nature in a post-pandemic world. We tend to exist in a growing culture of connectedness […]