Snorkel with the Stars in Desolation Sound Marine Park,
British Columbia


kelp crab desolation soundTake a fascinating guided snorkel tour into the colourful marine gardens of Desolation Sound Marine Park. Experience Giant Sunflowers Stars, Spiny Red Sea Urchins and Pacific Sea Cucumbers UP AND CLOSE as you drift easily with the meandering tide.

For years the guides of Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. have been sharing the awesome intertidal marine life of Desolation Sound with their guests. We finally decided it was time to offer a non-kayak tour - to jump right into the water and to fully experience some of the best intertidal marine life on the coast of British Columbia!

Is it really that good?


Jacques Cousteau, the famous diver and explorer, often frequented the waters of this area. He considered the diving in these parts to be second in the world only to the Red Sea. This is certainly a valid testimonial. For Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd., the reality has been in our experience. This truly is an amazing area! Check-out our video: Video Clips

snorkeling in desolation soundBut, this is NOT a diving tour!


If we stay on the surface, how will we experience the best marine life?
By snorkeling in areas that offer excellent viewing and habitat in the zone of water known as the "Intertidal Zone". This zone is located between the lowest tides and the highest tides. As kayakers, keen on exploring key intertidal zones, we have discovered some amazing areas for viewing intertidal marine life from the seat of a kayak. One area in the marine park is so prolific, the guides of Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. have dubbed it "The Aquarium". At this site, the current moves like a very slow river - ushering in plankton and nutrients to feed the many creatures that inhabitant the site. Most of the marine life lives in shallow waters, allowing for optimum viewing - especially when snorkeling!

What will we see?


The area we snorkel is home to a large variety of intertidal creatures. Some are a little more transient than others, however, most call this area home. The most common creatures are: Giant Sunflower Stars, Purple Stars, Mottled Stars, Leather Stars, Blood Stars, Painted Stars, Gumboot Chitons, Pacific Sea Cucumbers, Orange Sea Cucumbers, Shield Back Kelp Crabs, Spiny Red Sea Urchins and Green Urchins. Bull Kelp beds are prolific and the vibrant greens of Sea Lettuce coat the shadier rocks. A variety of fish meander with the flood and ebb tides, including salmon in the spawning months of September and October. Seals are the most common mammal in this part of the marine park. 

What is provided?


As with our kayak tours, we want to make sure our guests are 100% safe and comfortable. We therefore provide everything needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable snorkeling tour.
We provide: full wetsuits, hoods, gloves, fins, masks and snorkels.

Who is this tour best suited for?


  • Whoever is fascinated with marine wildlife.
  • Whoever has dreamed of snorkeling in exotic destinations.
  • Whoever loves the feeling of floating effortlessly on water while viewing another world.


Although little swimming actually occurs (the current, wetsuits and fins do the work), it is mandatory that each guest be able to swim.

Is it cold?


Perhaps we can put it this way: Is it cold when you ski? Of course it is, but you dress appropriately and therefore stay warm. The same is true with snorkeling. We will be using full wetsuits which provide more than sufficient insulation to stay warm and comfortable in cold water. Having said that, we are snorkeling in the warm waters of Desolation Sound Marine Park. During the summer months, water temperatures can be warm enough to be comfortable even without a wetsuit!


You set the date or join an already scheduled tour!


Please call us toll free at 1-866-617-4444, or email us, and one of our friendly office staff will be glad to discuss dates that have been already scheduled or for custom dates that work best for you.

Tours and Prices

Snorkel in the Bay

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: $55 CDN per person.
Ages: 12 and up.
tax is additional.


Snorkel in the Bay gears-up right at our private and secluded ocean front location on Okeover Inlet.

Combo Day Tour - Snorkel 'n' Kayak

Duration: 7 hours
Price: $119 CDN per person.
Ages: 12 and up.
tax is additional.

Launching from Okeover Inlet or Lund, this tour combines the best of both worlds!

See the Lund Day Tours or Okeover Day Tours for more details.

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