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Snorkeling - Marine Wildlife - Naturalist Guides - Amazing Food - Beautiful Scenery - a Sea Kayak experience of a lifetime!


Excellent guiding, equipment and food, spectacular setting



British Columbia has beautiful scenery, as seen on a kayak tour in Desolation Sound


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Unrivalled Access to Stunning Scenery

Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. is located on Okeover Inlet - 30 kilometers north of Powell River and adjacent to Desolation Sound Marine Park. This historic waterfront site is Powell River Sea Kayak's private stage for kayak tours into Desolation Sound.

There is no travelling to and from the launch site with minivans and kayak trailers - simply pull in to our Okeover location, meet your guides and fellow travellers, and paddle off towards the horizon.

Whether you are drawn into the fjords of the Coast Mountains, the warm waters and idyllic islands of Desolation Sound, or the sandy beaches of the northern straight of Georgia, we welcome you to join us for a well organized, thoughtful and wonderful experience.

For a map of Desolation Sound and its relation to Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, as well as detailed instructions on how to reach us from Vancouver or Vancouver Island, click here.

Alternatively, click here for an interactive Google Map view of our location in Okeover Inlet.

Beautiful mountain scenery on a multi-day kayak tour in British Columbia


Quality and Thoughtful Details

Our equipment is of the highest quality: fibreglass Nimbus, Seaward and Current Designs touring kayaks, fibreglass paddles, MSR tents, Thermarest sleeping pads, Kokatat PFDs, 20L and 10L dry-bags, even paddling jackets in case of rain.

We aim to make your tour with us as comfortable and convenient at possible, and provide all the added details so you don't have to. 

For those things you do need to bring yourself - such as clothing and personal items - we even provide a detailed packing list that will have you covered in all conditions, yet still ensure you'll have enough room in the hatches of your kayak!

Quality kayaks and equipment used on our sea kayak tours in British Columbia


Inspiring, Fresh, Creative Meals

We understand the importance of healthy, appetizing food (and good coffee) on active vacations, and we take pride in our ability to create fresh, appealing and hearty meals from local ingredients, even from our remote wilderness camps. 

Our guides create unique menus for each tour, and for many the unexpected delight of freshly harvested seafood, a hearty breakfast to start the day, or just one more bite of dessert, becomes a stand-out feature of a truly memorable experience.

Our kayak tours in Desolation Sound, British Columbia include amazing meals and food


We Take Care of the Logistics

Our guides are all fully certified and experienced expedition leaders; let them take care of all the hassles and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Planning and preparing food, choosing routes and camps, reading tides and currents, assessing weather hazards and natural and historical interpretation, we do it all - and more - with confidence, professionalism, experience, and a great sense of humour as well. Foremost, our guides are trained to ensure your safety and to increase your confidence paddling in a multi-day environment, removing much of the stress associated with a wilderness kayak vacation.

Additionally, Powell River Sea Kayak has exclusive access to private tenured sites throughout Desolation Sound and its surrounding areas for all group sizes, guaranteeing comfortable campsites in picture-perfect locations, exclusively for you.

Finally, our tours are all inclusive: that means the meals, the gear, and the know-how are on us. Click here to view our packing lists and what we provide before you book!

A kayak tour crossed Desolation Sound in British Columbia


Passionate Members of the Community

Since 1995 Powell River Sea Kayak and our staff have been - and continue to be - the kayak company for Desolation Sound. From the humble beginnings of eco-tourism in the wild-west of coastal British Columbia to today, we have a long and proud history of environmental stewardship, sustainability planning, and community association as a business, as owners, and as individual staff.

Our tours follow strict leave-no-trace principles regarding both waste and our physical impact on the delicate ecosystems found in the Desolation area, ranging from moist rainforest to delicate dune ecology and everything in between. We also place a strong emphasis on natural and historical interpretation of the Desolation Sound area, bringing our guests ever deeper into the fascinating environment in which we paddle and explore.

Many present and past members of our staff continue to live in the Powell River area, spearheading local initiatives as varied as sustainable waste management, trail building and maintaining, outdoor education, and the development of further recreational activities for the region.

Wildlife abounds in Desolation Sound, BC


The Desolation Sound Sea Kayak Company -- est. 1995! 



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Desolation Sound Camping Vacations - The perfect kayaking & camping escape!

Desolation Sound is a world renowned destination of warm waters, prolific wildlife, idyllic islands and towering mountains. Come join us on a fully-inclusive guided tour and explore this spectacular landscape for yourself with our unique kayak vacations!

With over 20 years touring in Desolation Sound, we focus on quality, knowledge, organization and detailed trip planning. 

Trip Duration 3 days 4 days 5 days 
Best Price* $655 CDN $795 CDN $925 CDN
Regular Price** $755 CDN $895 CDN $1055 CDN

It is normal for our trips to book-up months in advance. 

Book soon and start looking forward to your kayaking-vacation!

Availability and Reservations

Prices include meals, permits, parking at our private launch site, kayaks and related gear, tents, Thermarest sleeping pads, masks & snorkels, dry bags and much more. 

Click here for more information about our classic Desolation Sound experience.



Desolation Sound Camping Expeditions - Rugged and remote adventures!

In addition to Desolation Sound, Powell River Sea Kayak tours beyond Desolation - through the channels of the Redonda Islands and into the deep fjord of Toba Inlet, where towering Coast Mountains create an awesome and humbling effect.

These expedition-style guided tours take more adventurous paddlers beyond all civilization, amongst rugged mountains and spectacular waterfalls to remote and untouched campsites.

Limited trips per season (only 1 or 2 - book early!)

Trip Duration  5 days 7 days 
 Best Price*  $925 CDN $1295 CDN 
 Regular Price**  $1055 CDN $1475 CDN 

Availability and Reservations

Click here for more information about the Desolation, Islands and Mountains Loop.



Cabana Desolation Eco Resort - An exclusive island-based experience! 

  • Guided kayaking packages.
  • Non-guided packages.
  • All-inclusive: wonderful meals, comfortable cabins, showers, flush toilets, kayaks, guides, paddle boards and a richly handcrafted ambiance.
  • Located on an uninhabited island in Desolation Sound, BC.

Click here for more information and pricing details for Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort.



Contact Us

Please contact us for reservations or for more information. 

Toll free in North America: 1-866-617-4444

Outside of North America: 604-483-2160


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