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Powell Sea Kayak Ltd. is located on the beautiful Sunshine
Coast of British Columbia, Canada.



Powell River Sea Kayak lies approximately 150km northwest of Vancouver, on the mainland of the Upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. 

From Vancouver, catch the Horseshoe Bay ferry north to Langdale, drive north for about an hour through Gibsons and Sechelt, and then catch a second ferry from the terminal at Earl's Cove to Saltery Bay. From here drive about 30 minutes north to the town of Powell River, and another 30 minutes north of here to either of our two locations in Okeover Inlet or Lund.

From Vancouver Island, Powell River is easily reached by catching the ferry direct from Comox. Powell River Sea Kayak is approximately 30 minutes drive north from the Westview ferry terminal.

Map: Our location on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia


Convenient Waterfront Locations

Powell River Sea Kayak is located just 3 kms from Desolation Sound Marine Park - as close as you can drive to this wonderful destination.

Our site on Okeover Inlet provides safe parking and a convenient staging area at the water's edge. There is no need to transport kayaks and equipment to the launch site; simply arrive, park in our private parking lot, meet our staff and you're on your way! From our site on Penrose Bay in Okeover Inlet it is approximately 6 nautical miles of protected water to the entrance of Desolation Sound itself. There are also numerous camp sites within the inlet on the way out that may be used if starting a little late on your first day, or if you wish to camp close by on the last evening of your trip to return early in the morning.

Our second location is in the village of Lund, at the end of the road on Highway 101. Also situated right on the water behind the Lund Hotel, our Lund shop provides convenient access to the Copeland Island Marine Park and Savary Island, as well as an alternative route into Desolation Sound round Sarah Point. 

We run day tours and provide rentals at both locations, while our multi-day camping tours, Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort tours and lessons all begin at our Okeover Inlet location.

Hint: A popular loop for many kayak renters is to start at our Okeover location and finish in Lund (or the opposite). We call this the "Malaspina Loop" as it loops around the Malaspina Peninsula.

Please note:
There is a $20 fee per kayak to transport kayaks back to their previous location. Powell River Sea Kayak does not transport personal kayaks. This service must be booked in advance, and is not available everyday. Due to insurance restrictions, this service does not allow for the transportation of people - kayaks only! 


Step Back in Time

Powell River Sea Kayak's site on Okeover Inlet was once home to the pioneering Crowther family. The Crowthers forged a road along Okeover Inlet in 1927 and built their log cabin home on Penrose Bay. 

Nancy Crowther, the daughter, was raised in this rugged environment. As her parents aged and eventually passed on, Nancy took over the property and forged out a fascinating and colourful pioneering lifestyle. This self-sustaining existence included raising goats and chickens, and it was this livestock that attractedmany predators: wolves, bears and especially cougars!

The cougars created the greatest problem. An adult cougar could wreak havoc: killing many or all of the livestock in a matter of a few days. For this reason, Nancy learned to shoot a gun at an early age. Over the years, Nancy had to kill many cougars before they killed her livestock. Eventually, friends of Nancy began calling her "The Cougar Queen of Okeover Inlet". By the time Nancy died in 1989, she was locally famous, known as The Cougar Lady.

The Cougar Lady was said to have killed 22 cougars in her time in Penrose Bay protecting her livestock.

You can see many remnants of Nancy's life at our Okeover Inlet site - including an orchard that still bears fruit, outbuildings that have been converted into kayak storage, and the original log cabin now restored and occupied by the owners of Powell River Sea Kayak - Adam and Laurie Vallance - and their young family.

Learn more about the Cougar Queen of Okeover Inlet.