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Sea Kayak Lessons with Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd.


"I don't need a lesson, anyone can paddle a kayak..."

As a sea kayak company renting kayaks, we've heard this too many times for comfort! As an experienced sea kayak company running guided trips, we know that there is much more to sea kayaking than should be assumed. 

If you have never taken a formal kayaking lesson before, or you are unsure of your abilities in the types of conditions common to the west coast of British Columbia, we strongly recommend taking a lesson before you embark on any unguided multi-day kayak trips.

In most cities and large towns you will be able to find a local operator who will be able to teach you the fundamentals of sea kayaking: basic strokes, wet exits, and self- and assisted-rescues. Powell River Sea Kayak also offers basic, intermediate, and child lessons so that you, your family, or your group of friends can brush up on your skills and confidence before you hit the water.

Many guests choose to complete these lessons on the morning of or the day before their multi-day kayak rentals.

We do not have set dates for lessons, and they only run dependant on guide availability. All our lessons take place at our Okeover location. Please call our office to discuss whether we can accommodate your group before booking.

Sea Kayak Lessons in Okeover Inlet


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Do You Really Need a Lesson?

Many people sea kayak in our waters without any formal lessons or instruction. They've got the gear, they're good paddlers, and they've never gotten into trouble. Maybe they only paddle on calm days, or in the middle of August when the water is warm. 

While dangerous instances are rare, anyone who spends regular time on the coast of British Columbia knows that weather often changes unexpectedly and quickly, and perfect conditions can become treacherous in a matter of minutes. Some considerations for paddlers:

  • What will happen if you capsize?
  • How will you get back into your kayak if you capsize far from shore?
  • What can you do to avoid a capsize? Can you brace effectively in different conditions?
  • How can you mitigate adverse weather conditions? What gear will you bring? What route will you take?
  • Do you know how to check weather forecasts daily and plan your trip accordingly?
  • Have you considered the affects of cold water immersion?
  • How about ocean currents?
  • Is seamanship a word you truly understand?
  • What should be considered when paddling in a larger group?
  • Do you know how to make sure your kayak hatches are completely waterproof?

We do not want to scare you away from enjoying a relaxing kayak vacation here, but just like any outdoor sport, especially when heading into more remote areas, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. 

At Powell River Sea Kayak, we believe that knowledge dispels fear. The more prepared you are, the more practice you have, the more enjoyable the experience will be. If you do not know how to re-enter a capsized kayak, are you going to tense up every time the wind creates ripples on the water or a sailboat sends some wake in your direction? 

If you have the knowledge, you are calmer, more relaxed, more confident, and you enjoy yourself more. And if you do end up upside down in the middle of a long crossing, you have the skills to save yourself (and others) with nothing more than a little wounded pride.

Other considerations may be reading tides and currents, chart navigation and route planning, and effective packing techniques. All this knowledge and more will combine to increase your enjoyment, confidence, and safety on the water.

Lessons can also teach you efficient paddling strokes to cut down on fatigue and over-use injuries, as well as some pretty sweet manoeuvres to move your kayak in any direction in all conditions.


Lesson Programs

Basic Introduction

Duration: 4 Hours

Price: $89 per person

The focus of this basic introductory lesson is on learning how to keep sea kayaking safe and enjoyable, with emphasis on basic strokes, wet-exits, and self- and assisted-rescues.


  • kayak design
  • safety gear
  • efficient paddle strokes
  • stability
  • launch and land techniques
  • wet-exit
  • assisted rescue


Combo Tour & Lesson

Duration: 7 Hours

Price: $129 per person

Learn as you tour into Desolation Sound Marine Park!

This full day of learning and sea kayaking includes topics covered in the Basic Introduction along with hands-on learning while you explore.


Contact Us

We do not have set dates for lessons, but may be able to schedule a date for a group depending on guide and instructor availability. Please click here for more information about lesson availability.

Minimum number of 4 people needed to run lessons.

Please call our Okeover office for information at 604-483-2160.