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Sea Kayak Tours in Desolation Sound, British Columbia, Canada 


With over 20 years of experience in Desolation Sound, and a private waterfront location adjacent to Desolation Sound Marine Park, Powell River Sea Kayak is the Desolation Sound sea kayak tour company.

Our day and multi-day sea kayak tours are the perfect way to explore Desolation Sound, one of the premier kayaking destinations on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, while Desolation Cabana Eco Resort offers unique immersion into this beautiful and rugged west coast destination.


 Our 'gals' 3 day trip to Desolation Sound in late August was the ultimate



Sleek tour kayaks staged for a Desolation Sound multi day camping tour.


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Day Tours 

Powell River Sea Kayak provides guided day tours from two waterfront locations.

Okeover Inlet is our protected base of operations and offers 3 and 7 hour tours into Desolation Sound Marine Park, including a 7 hour Combo Snorkel and Kayak tour to snorkel with the stars. 

Lund is a quaint fishing hamlet on the shore of the Straight of Georgia which offers a 3 hour shoreline tour as well as 7 hour tours to the Copeland Islands Marine Park and the southern beaches of Savary Island.

A few notes about our day tours:

  • Locations are right on the waterfront.
  • No experience is necessary to enjoy our tours!
  • Our fully certified guides provide a high level of safety and interpretation.
  • Kayaks and safety equipment are of high quality.
  • 7 hour tours (except kayak/snorkel combo) include a wonderful and fresh shore-side lunch.

Click to read more about our day tours from Okeover Inlet and Lund.

  Fresh, creative meals are served on all our Desolation Sound sea kayak tours


Multi-Day Camping Tours 

Powell River Sea Kayak runs multi-day kayak tours to several wonderful and diverse areas in the Desolation Sound area of British Columbia.

Our Desolation Sound Camping Tours are our classic multi-day camping tour, taking guests on a fully-inclusive exploration of the warm waters and idyllic islands of Desolation Sound. Relax and immerse yourself in this beautiful corner of British Columbia on one of our 3, 4, or 5 day kayak vacations.

Our Desolation, Islands and Mountains Loop offers a taste of Desolation Sound, as well as a deeper exploration of the passageways that stretch north of Desolation into the immense inlets and fjords of the Coast Mountains. This expedition-style guided tour allows more adventurous paddlers to experience Desolation Sound and its rugged surrounding waterways like few others over 7 incredible days.

A few notes about our multi-day tours:

  • Tours start from our waterfront location in Okeover Inlet.
  • No experience is necessary!
  • Our lead and assistant guides are fully certified with the Sea Kayak Guide's Alliance of British Columbia and provide the highest level of safety and natural interpretation.
  • High quality meals, camping gear, kayaks and safety equipment are included.
  • Free parking is provided at our private launch site for all our guests.

A tour group crosses Desolation Sound on one of PRSK's sea kayak tours


Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort 

Looking to explore Desolation Sound in ultimate comfort? Our Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort provides guided and unguided packages in our sustainable, locally sourced eco-resort located on an uninhabited island in the very heart of Desolation Sound!

Explore Desolation Sound at your own time and pace, or simply grab a good book and chill and immerse yourself in this unique and relaxing atmosphere.

A few notes about Cabana Desolation Eco-Resort:

  • Guided and unguided packages are available.
  • Guided trips use Cabana Desolation as a 'base' for exploration of Desolation Sound by kayak, returning to the resort each afternoon.
  • Kayaks are available for the personal use of unguided guests.
  • Tours start from our waterfront location in Okeover Inlet.
  • On-site staff provide delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients, as well as assistance to guests at all times.
  • Unguided trips can paddle kayaks from our Okeover launch site to Cabana Desolation, or choose to take a powerboat straight out to the resort (additional charges apply).
  • Water access only. Experience idyllic Desolation Sound far away from all disturbances.
  • Kayaking is not compulsory! The island itself is a wonderful place to explore on foot, via stand-up paddle board, or to simply rest and relax at your own pace. 

Cabana Desolation Eco Resort in Desolation Sound, British Columbia


Check out our Multi-Day Tours Destinations Map for perspective on our multi-day tour routes and locations.