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Sea Kayak Rentals

Specializing in Sea Kayak rentals for Desolation Sound - on the coast of British Columbia!

Rentals also for destinations such as Savary Island, Toba Inlet, Cortes Island, Jedediah Island and much, much more!

Check-out our Destinations Map for an overview perspective of the Powell River sea kayaking opportunities! You can also go to our Destination pages to read-up on the variety of great sea kayaking destinations in the Powell River area - including Desolation Sound Marine Park. We highly recommend reading the following information as it is useful and important. If you would like to go directly to our rates below, please click rental rates or simply scroll down.

Hello and welcome to Powell River Sea Kayak's - sea kayak rental page. My name is Adam Vallance - owner/President of Powell River Sea Kayak Ltd. It is my hope as you read through these pages you find the information organized and useful as you plan your kayaking trip.

When renting a kayak from us, you will receive value far beyond just a mere kayak rental. With over 18 years of paddling the waters of Desolation Sound and the northern Sunshine Coast, detailed information on these areas has been inventoried. In addition, operating a sea kayaking company in the Powell River/Desolation Sound area for over 18 years has certainly provided for a clear understanding of the needs of renters. This is why we have rental bases at both Okeover Inlet and Lund and  why we provide a wide selection of touring kayaks to suit the 5 foot 100 pounders right up to the 6 foot 6 inch 250 pounders (or larger...). This is why we have staff available seven days a week from May to September and why we strive to help make your trip planning as easy as possible. As you read on, feel free to call or email with your questions. As you cruise these pages and throughout the site, you will find the answers to many of your questions. 

High Quality Touring Sea Kayaks by...

Two Convenient, Full Service Rental Locations

We offer two full service kayak rental shops strategically positioned for ideal access to the waters of desolation sound and okeover inlet.

Okeover Inlet

This is our Powell River Sea Kayak shop!

Kayak rentals for Desolation Sound Marine Park, Okeover Inlet, Lancelot Inlet, Theodosia Inlet, Malaspina Inlet, Cortes Island, the Redonda Islands, Discovery Islands and Toba Inlet. Call 604 483-2160 to rent kayaks from this shop.

kayak rental okeover desolation soundLund

This is our Lund Kayak Shop!

Kayak rentals for Desolation Sound, Savary Island, Copeland Islands Marine Park, Cortes Island, the Redonda Islands, Discovery Islands and Toba Inlet. Call 604 414-9355 to rent kayaks from this shop.

Amenities and Services at both locations

  • Parking Okeover location: 
    • free with rental
    • $5 per day for those with personal kayaks (plus $4 per kayak launch fee)
  • Parking Lund location:
    • managed by the Lund Hotel - parking fees apply to all kayakers
  • Potable Water (the Okeover location is often low on water during the dry summer months - renters may want to arrive with water).
  • Retail sales of camping and kayaking equipment
  • Rental of Camping equipment
  • Logo Clothing
  • Washroom Facilities
  • Waterfont staging areas
  • Visa, Mastercard and Debit payment options
  • Open 7 days a week during summer months (8am to 6pm)

Your Sea Kayak Rental Includes:

  • bilge pump
  • PFD
  • paddle
  • spare paddle
  • paddle float (know how to use this before you arrive!)
  • spray skirt
  • 55 foot throwrope
  • basic map

You may also want to consider:

  • flares
  • VHF/weather radio Note: If you have a cell phone - bring it! Many areas, including Desolation Sound, have excellent cell phone service. Renters are welcome to call our office staff to obtain up-to-date marine weather reports.
  • marine chart
  • current table
  • desolation sound mapKayaking & Camping Map of Desolation Sound.
    An excellent planning tool! Order here.
    This is a handy, portable reference tool for planning your kayaking trip to beautiful Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands on the Inside Passage of British Columbia. Printed on heavy 22x36" stock, it folds down to a handy 11x4" for portable use in the car and on the water. Included on the map is detailed overview of this rich region, including Cortes, Quadra and Redonda Islands, as well as street maps of the jump-off points of Powell River and Campbell River, the two major cities in the region. Satellite imagery gives definition to the beautiful mountainous areas. Use it to travel to popular Desolation Sound Marine Park as well as the myriad of rarely visited channels and locations that blanket this region.
    $9.95 plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Cabana Desolation eco-cabin and log bed

And... you may also want to consider including a stay at our new  eco-resort in the heart of Desolation Sound: Desolation's Island Cabana Experience! Why include a stay at Cabana Desolation? Besides comforts well beyond staying in a tent while paddling throughout Desolation, other advantages include:

  • Your rental kayak is included in the Cabana Desolation package 
  • You don't have to plan and cook food: Cabana Desolation packages include wonderful meals in the Cabana Cafe.
  • Cabana Desolation is centrally located on an island in the middle of Desolation Sound - perfect for experiencing the diversity of Desolation or to cap-off a longer camping trip with a few nights of comfort at the end of your journey. 
  • Self-guided packages are available for those not looking for a guided trip. 
  • Try some stand-up paddle boarding in Desolation: SUP's are available and included in the package prices.
  • Staying at this custom built eco-resort is a unique and awesome experience!

Click for more information on Cabana Desolation

A Question for renters: Are you experienced?

Although Desolation Sound and areas within the northern Sunshine coast provide some of the safest paddling on the coast of British Columbia, paddlers can still get into big trouble. Experience is recommended wherever you go sea kayaking.

Anyone renting a sea kayak, whether for a few hours or several days, should have experience.

What does it mean to have experience?

  • It doesn't mean you hopped into your friends kayak for 20 minutes at "the lake."
  • It doesn't mean you paddled a sit-on-top kayak at the resort in Mexico.
  • It doesn't mean you kinda, sorta know how to re-enter if capsized.
  • Experience does mean you have had a formal lesson by a qualified instructor.
  • Experience does mean you know your limitations
  • Experience does mean you know both self and assisted rescues.
  • Experience does mean you have practiced both self and assisted rescues.
  • Experience does mean you know navigational techniques.
  • Experience does mean you know the dangers and power of the ocean - it's currents, tides, rips and affects of weather (and much, much more).

Our goal is to not turn you off sea kayaking. Our goal is to ensure a safe trip that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the delights of sea kayaking.

kayak rentals lund bcIf you do not have experience, or have not taken a lesson, please feel free to give us a call to discuss whether or not it is wise to rent a kayak. We are glad to work with all renters (experienced or inexperienced) to ensure a safe, enjoyable sea kayaking experience.

Lessons are great fun and not only provide critical safety information but also provide instruction on correct (energy saving) paddling technique. The information will expand you kayaking horizons 100 fold! Many renters take a lesson with one of our CRCA qualified instructors prior to their kayak trips. Please go to our lessons page for more information.

When renting a kayak from Powell River Sea Kayak or Rockfish Kayak, staff will ask if you have any experience or if you have ever had a formal lesson. This is not intended to make you feel uncomfortable. The intention is to educate inexperienced paddlers to the potential dangers of sea kayaking and to discuss whether or not it is wise to embark on a particular trip. It also helps in our daily planning as staff will need to spend more time at the launch site introducing the following:

  • parts, pieces and packing of the kayaks
  • proper launching and landing techniques to avoid damaging the kayak
  • the equipment we provide and how to use it
  • assisted rescue
  • self-rescue
  • paddling technique
  • tides and currents
  • weather concerns

Our trained staff are glad to work with all renters on any of the above topics. For those needing (and we will know!) a full introduction to the above topics, charges may apply as a great deal of time is needed to properly introduce the information. Or, take a lesson, it's worth it!

Sea Kayak Rental Rates

Before reading the rates, please note the following:

  • We highly recommend reserving your kayaks well in advance to ensure availability and selection.
  • It is the renters responsiblity to read our Cancellation Policy prior to reserving kayaks.

Fiberglass Kayak Rentals                                                   Plastic Kayak Rentals

 Time Single  
 0-3 Hours
 $35  $48  $32
 4-12 Hours
 $44  $70  $40
 2 Days
 $84  $135  $76
 3 Days
 $116  $189  $105
 4 Days
 $149  $240  $136
 Extra Days  
 $29  $46  $27
 Time  Rec<12' 
 0-3 Hours
 $20  $29  $39
 4-12 Hours
 $26  $37  $53
 2 Days
 $49  $70  $106
 3 Days
 $66  $96  $149
 4 Days
 $85  $122  $187
 Extra Days 
 $17  $25  $36

How to reserve

  • For Rentals in Lund call 604-414-9355
  • For Rental in Okeover call 604-483-2160


  • On-site payment options include: Visa, Mastercard and Debit.
  • Daily Rental rates are based on a calendar day.
  • To qualify for reduced daily rates when renting for more than one day, rental must be for consecutive days.
  • Taxes are not included in the above rates.

Stand-up Paddle Board Rentals


0-3 Hours
4-12 Hours


  • Taxes are not included in above rates

Camping Equipment Rental Rates

 1 Day 
 2 Day 
 3 Day 
 4 Day 
 Extra Day 
Tent - 2/3 Person
 $33  $43  $49  $7
Z - Rest
 $6  $10  $13  $14  $1
Thermarest  $10  $17  $22  $25  $3
Stoves  $4  $7  $9  $10  $1
Camp Pot
 $4  $6  $7  $8  $10
20L Dry Bags
 $2  $4  $5  $6  $1
Paddle Jackets
 $12  $20  $26  $30  $4
Wet Suits
 $15  $22  $28  $32  $3
Sleeping Bag  $12  $19  $24  $29  $5
Mask/Snorkel  $4  $8  $11  $14  $2
Fins  $4  $8  $11  $14  $2


  • Taxes are not included in the above rates.