PRSK Renter’s Checklist

Dear PRSK Rental Guests,

Powell River Sea Kayak is committed to providing a premium experience for all our rental guests. Part of this includes creating a seamless booking and launch-site experience to get you on the water as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the right equipment and knowledge you need to have a safe and enjoyable experience in Desolation Sound.

To ensure this we have created this checklist for you to follow in the lead up to your rental, which will allow us to be completely ready for your arrival, and provide the best service we can for your self-guided kayak vacation.

1. Hours of Operation

We open at 8:30am and we close at 4:30pm

  • Renters arriving before 8:30am will need to remain outside the access gate until staff arrive. Please do not arrive before 8:30am as this is private property and the owners live on-site.
  • The latest rental return is 4:30pm. Staff leave at 5pm – and this is when all renters must also depart the site, so leave plenty of time to pack your vehicles after returning to be ready to leave by 5pm at the latest.

2. Complete Your Waivers and Float Plans Online

Ensure that every member of your party has filled in our waiver online well before arrival. All adults also need to fill in their individual float plan online before arrival as well.

To receive the $10 online booking discount, all members of a booking must have completed these forms in advance of your rental.

3. Pay For Non-Renters Parking and Launch Fees

PRSK does not allow the launching of personal kayaks unless they are with renters.

In this case, parking and site fees for personal kayaks are applicable and must be booked in advance with the rental reservation. Personal kayaks that arrive without pre-booking will be denied access. Make sure to book ahead!

If you have already made your booking for rental kayaks and have not added personal kayak launch fees or parking to your booking, please reply to this email with the number of personal kayaks launching with your group and additional vehicles wishing to park on our property so we can add it to your invoice for payment.

4. Mandatory: Take Formal Lessons and Watch Our Safety Videos

At a minimum, one person in each group must have had a formal lesson (1 out of every 4 members of the group), while all those that have not had lessons must watch the safety and launch & land videos on our website. We highly recommend that everyone in the rental group prepares with a formal lesson.

As a professional sea kayak company, we understand that safety is paramount. Failure to have formal lessons or to have watched the videos will result in a cancellation of the rental. Staff will ask clear questions upon arrival to test individual knowledge of the key safety topics to determine rental eligibility. Be prepared – be safe – avoid disappointment.

Note: see this link for unique policies for families with children.

5. Bring Your Own Water

PRSK does not supply potable water at its Desolation launch site. Renters are required to arrive with their own potable water. If renters have no choice and need potable water, PRSK will rent pre-filled 10 litre hydromedary bags. As supplied are limited it is recommended to book this in advance as an add-on to your booking, or email us and we will add the rental to your invoice for payment.

6. Pre-Pack Your Belongings and Gear

To expedite your launch process and keep our staging areas clear of clutter for use by other people, we urge that you arrive at our site with your belongings and gear already packed into dry bags so it can be easily and quickly packed into your waiting kayaks. You will be required to do any packing of dry bags in the parking area versus at the staging area.

7. Purchase Any Add-Ons to Your Rental Ahead of Time

At the booking screen you have the opportunity to select a number of ‘add-ons’ to your rental that may enhance your kayaking and camping experience.

You can easily add these to your rental if you wish at the time of booking, or simply reply to this email with an add-on you would like to include and we will add it to your invoice for payment.

Example of add-ons include:

  • Laminated maps.
  • 10 litre pre-filled water dromedaries.
  • Dry bags.
  • Some camping equipment

Click here to explore items available to be added.

8. Purchase Your Backcountry Camping Permit Online

Ensure you have purchased your camping permit online at the BC Parks website before arrival.

9. Know How to Check Weather Updates

Marine Weather updates can be checked regularly (updated 4 times a day) using Channel 8 on a Marine VHF Radio, or by bookmarking this link and accessing the information using your smartphone while you are in Desolation Sound.

The area of coast of which Desolation Sound is a part is ‘Strait of Georgia – North of Nanaimo’.

10. We Cannot Take Garbage & Recycling

Please plan to take your garbage and recycling with you in your vehicle to dispose of elsewhere after your trip. Click here to view recycling centres in the Powell River area you can visit on your trip home.

11. Read our Blog for Hot Tips Before Your Trip

We continue to add various helpful articles on our blog for rental guests – from recommended routes to great campsites to the location of hidden lakes and hikes in the Desolation Sound area!

Check out some of our best articles for renters:

Thank you all for doing your part to help us maintain the safety of our guests and staff during these times. We look forward to seeing you!