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Desolation Sound is one of the most abundant areas for oyster production in BC

Note: This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is each individual’s responsibility to mitigate risks from shellfish-related illnesses by doing their own personal research using official and scientific sources.  Harvesting fresh oysters, clams and mussels on a kayak trip is one of those quintessential west coast experiences. We have been harvesting shellfish on […]

Sandy Savary Island is home to some of the most famous Powell River beaches

Long, hot summer days call for a warm sandy beach and a nice cool breeze coming in off the ocean. Despite the preponderance of rocky coasts and granite slabs on the wild west coast, there are many places in Powell River – often remarkably free of people – where warm yellow sand meets gently lapping […]

What Should I Cook on a Kayak Trip? Compared to hiking, overnight sea kayak trips can be luxurious. Seriously, you can fit a lot in a sea kayak. On our guided trips we frequently bring – along with clothes, tents, sleeping pads and bags, and group tarps – well, everything but the kitchen sink. Two burner stoves, pots […]

Desolation Sound is a coastal BC summer paradise … yet while many paradise seekers aim to explore this area in July and August to maximize their chances of perfect weather, there are endless reasons that a June – or even May – Desolation Sound escape can be just as rewarding. Here are six of our […]